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misc logos

a bunch of various logos i like that were created for college classes (united spectrum, 2012) or on commission (thunderthon, 2013) or concepting (aiga tcnj & jersey relief, 2013) or just for fun (yogscast, 2012, coelacanth & hightops, 2014, get well hinch, 2015).


a movie poster for a student film by jake bann (2012), and a vareity of travel-inspired posters for a new jersey bicycle store. the knapp's posters created while i interned at stunt double (2013). i have no idea if they ended up using them. i really like those last two.

exit10 july social

we put up new social media headers and icons on a monthly-ish basis at exit10. i made this animation for july of 2016. there's one minor animation bug here that will drive me insane forever and no one else will notice. i will fight for my right to use lame crt effects until the bitter end.