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basically my senior portfolio.

this is the best of my work throughout my time at the college of new jersey.

tcnj lions

an effort to redesign and unify tcnj's athletic program. i wanted to logo and wordmark to work with all the sports tcnj offers, a movement away from the usual college fare of making a completely new logo for every department. this was just for an assignment but i'd still like to refine and pitch it for real one day. 2013.

clean your damn...

every cleaning product on the grocery store aisle is some pastel variation of green or blue or pink, so i made this line of cleaning and hygiene supplies to stand out in that context. i put a cuss word in it for the shock and awe factor. 2012.

indycar series

logo redesign and poster designs for the verizon indycar series. the idea here was to make a push for the revitalaztion of american open-wheel racing by focusing on the past and present of the sport. the logo has a wreath because the indy 500 winner gets a wreath draped on them at some point. 2013.

locust wines

i made up locust wines because we had to make wine bottles for class and i thought it would be cool to put bugs on mine. i'd like to think i was correct. 2012.