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i've sold some shirts.

sometimes the dumb video game joke pays off.

redbubble & twitch plays pokemon

you might vaguely remember a phenomenon in early 2014 where some guy made an interactive stream that allowed thousands of people to play the same pokemon game at the same time. countless memes sprung forth and i made a few shirt designs based on them and tossed them on redbubble. they sold, uh, a lot. between the three well over 600 shirts were shipped. they are below, except for "order is progress," which got pulled. also i made an anime shirt.

cotton bureau

cotton bureau is a pittsburgh-based company that prints curated user-designed shirts. i've had a couple go to print, both in 2015, based on the two places i've lived. there will be more from me here at some point.


i made these for a job interview with the titular company in 2014, and i found them and still liked them so here we are. flyers, hang tags, and a shirt design. i beleive onassis has rebranded in the time since.

the black sheep

commissioned by the mendham, nj fire department. this emblem was created to emulate the style of past war heroes, namely the black sheep fighter squadron of the air force. i also designed the patches for the hats, which don't hold up as well but i needed a third image.